ABC's 'Nightline' Airs Superb Segment on School Security

ABC's 'Nightline' Airs Superb Segment on School Security

Last night on ABC’s “Nightline,” Terry Moran introduced a fantastic segment that took a serious look at something beyond the incessant media drumbeat that pretends only gun control will solve the problem of mass shootings.

In a glaring exception to The Narrative, “Nightline” offered a sober, thoughtful examination of pro-active, common sense solutions that could be implemented almost immediately: Improved structural security, armed guards, and, yes, arming teachers who have already qualified for a concealed carry permit:

As I wrote earlier this morning, in the wake of Sandy Hook, the overall media has intentionally flipped our national debate. Instead of talking about ways to prevent mass-shootings, we’re now only talking about gun control, when we know for a fact that no gun control law would’ve stopped Friday’s massacre. 

Therefore, Terry Moran and “Nightline” deserve enormous credit for a willingness to not only take this problem seriously, but also opening last night’s show with a studied look at practical ideas and solutions almost everyone else in media is smothering for fear it will get in the way of their political agenda.

As conservatives, this is all we’re asking for from media: a seat at the table, an opportunity to have our ideas broadcast without a filter, a little equal time.

Thanks, “Nightline!”


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