Piers Morgan: L.A. Murder Spree Has 'Nothing To Do With Politics'

Piers Morgan: L.A. Murder Spree Has 'Nothing To Do With Politics'

Funny thing about this new policy of Pier Morgan’s–I mean his not wanting to bring politics into America’s latest mass-murder spree. Because in the past, whenever the CNN host was able to exploit dead innocents and sanctimoniously demand the government restrict our Second Amendment civil rights, he has done so without shame or conscience.

And yet, here’s Morgan less than an hour ago:

So if I understand Morgan, this particular murder spree is not about “the gun” or “access to guns” or “wild West America,” but about “deranged criminality.” And, this particular murder spree, unlike all the others since Morgan crossed the pond, “has nothing to do with politics.”

I wonder what makes this particular murder spree earn a special Piers Morgan exemption?

Could it be because what’s being reported as the alleged murderer’s manifesto not only mentions Piers Morgan by name, but says, “Mr. Morgan … I want you to know that I agree with you 100% on enacting stricter firearm laws[.]”

Apparently, when the suspected mass-murderer is a Piers Morgan fan, his crimes win a Piers Morgan exemption.

You know, the idea of bringing politics into a tragedy used to sicken me. But ever since Arizona, Obama’s mercenary media have helped me to see the light.


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