Scarborough Mocks 'Carnival Barker' Cruz

Scarborough Mocks 'Carnival Barker' Cruz

When Ted Cruz was running for US Senate in the Republican primary in Texas, he promised the people of the Lone Star State that he would not go to Washington to just be another vote for the GOP establishment.  He promised he would go there to change the way business is done.  To shake things up.  To represent the people who gave him the nomination.  He promised to honor the commitment made by the grass roots and tea party conservatives who defied the odds and the millions of dollars banked by his establishment opponent. He promised to speak on their behalf, no matter what.  

In his first two months as the junior senator from Texas, Ted Cruz has done just that, and the establishment is pissed.

Proof positive that Cruz has ruffled the country club set? Joe Scarborough on today’s “Morning Joe”:

Mike Lee is a great example. He’s a guy that–very conservative. This isn’t about being conservative! It’s about going out of your way acting like you’re, you know, a carnival barker at a local Republican event.

“This isn’t about being conservative!”  Because, you know, Joe knows all about being conservative.  He’s the “Conservative-at-Large” over there at Al Sharpton’s playground, MSNBC.  Incidentally, isn’t “carnival barker” the perfect description for Scarborough’s prime time colleague, Sharpton?  Yet, after an exhaustive search, I was unable to find the moment when Joe called Al such a thing. One has to admire how the worst possible insults from Scarborough are reserved for his fellow Republicans.  

The attempt to marginalize and demonize Ted Cruz continues at full speed because establishment, go-along-to-get-along Republicans like Scarborough and McCain are terrified of people like Cruz.  If they can come to Washington and stay true to the tea party conservative movement that got them there, then the Beltway establishment might actually change.  But they might have to do some of the things they’ve been promising for the past six years, instead of just giving lip service to conservatism. Instead, they collect all their votes and then thumb their collective noses at them.  You know, like they’ve been doing in the House of Representatives since the 2010 election.  

If Ted Cruz ever needs validation that he’s on the right path, he should just tune in to “Morning Joe” and see what Scarborough thinks.  If Joe’s calling him names, and Joe’s wringing his hands about the future of “his” party, and if Joe is comparing him dis-favorably to Sarah Palin… then he’s probably on the right track.

Meanwhile, the “Demonize Cruz Because He’s Actually Fulfilling The Promise Of His Campaign” effort continues.  Keep it right here at Breitbart News Network as we continue to expose it each and every time.