Media Not Clamoring To Interview Benghazi Survivors

Media Not Clamoring To Interview Benghazi Survivors

Four Americans dead, all kinds of political intrigue swirls around the story, and there remains an untold tale about what was likely a harrowing escape; and yet there is no indication whatsoever from the media that they are at all interested in interviewing the survivors of the Sept. 11 anniversary attacks on our consulate in Libya.

This fact only seems counter-intuitive when we’re talking about a real news media, not a media desperate to protect President Obama from any political damage that might result from an inconvenient narrative launched by a survivor. Thankfully, Republican lawmakers are eager to do the job the media won’t:

Republican lawmakers are threatening to subpoena U.S. survivors of the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

Exasperated GOP members say unless they get more answers from the White House, they will call on the survivors to testify before Congress, and might hold up President Obama’s nomination to replace the U.S. ambassador who was killed on Sept. 11, 2012 in Libya.

The recent revelation that U.S. survivors are recuperating at Walter Reed Hospital has sparked GOP demands that the White House provide Congress with access to them. It has also breathed new life into the controversy that was highlighted repeatedly during the 2012 presidential campaign.

You put an “R” after Obama’s name, and media push to gain access to these survivors would be swamping everything right now, and rightly so.

President Obama has lied, covered up, obfuscated, and double-talked all during the six-months following this devastatingly successful terror attack. And with rare exceptions, the media has diligently lied, covered up , obfuscated, and double-talked right along with him.

Since the media won’t pressure the White House for the full story, we should be grateful some lawmakers are willing to risk the media’s wrath in their push to uncover the truth.


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