Grand Jury Testimony: Gosnell Had Clean Waiting Room for White Patients Only

Grand Jury Testimony: Gosnell Had Clean Waiting Room for White Patients Only

Tina Baldwin, whose daughter, Ashley, worked up to 50 hours a week at Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic starting at age 15, testified to the Grand Jury that Gosnell treated white women much better than he did “poor women of color.” This included everything from how the patients were sedated to the only clean waiting room.

Even when Gosnell was in the building, he did not oversee the administration of anesthesia — except when the patient was white.

Tina Baldwin told the Grand Jury that the untrained medical assistants, without supervision by Gosnell, routinely administered even the final dose of sedation just before the procedure — unless the patient was white. She testified:

…it was two rooms back there. And if he was working on one person in one room, you were in the other room you were setting that patient up to be done when he’s done because it was just a back and forth thing. You would go ahead and medicate this person before he gets in the room.   

Q: Okay. Was he present when you did that medication?

A: No, no. And sometimes he asked them – but it was a race thing.

Q: What do you mean?

A: It was – he sometimes he used to – okay. Like if a girl – the black population was – African population was big here. So he didn’t mind you medicating your African American girls, your Indian girl, but if you had a white girl from the suburbs, oh, you better not medicate her. You better wait until he go in and talk to her first. And one day I said something to him and he was like, that’s the way of the world.

Ms. Baldwin also testified that there was only one clean room in the entire facility and that Gosnell would escort his white patients up the back steps so they could wait in that room. He would even turn the TV on for them.

Black and Asian clients never saw this room.

This is a story the race-obsessed national media doesn’t find worth telling.



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