Journalist: Obama Admin Appeasing Radical Islamic Groups; Ties Hands of FBI

Journalist: Obama Admin Appeasing Radical Islamic Groups; Ties Hands of FBI

Steve Emerson, seasoned journalist and expert on radical Islam, charged the Obama Administration with “appeasing radical Islamic groups” and tying the hands of prosecutors and FBI agents.  

“You have to understand, this administration has been appeasing radical Islamic groups who front civil rights organizations to the point where prosecutors and FBI agents have had their hands tied,” Emerson told me and Brian Wilson this morning on “Mornings on the Mall” on WMAL-FM in Washington DC.  

When pressed, Emerson elaborated and detailed various actions over the years by the Obama Administration:  

Last night I was dealing with a long-time, one of the top career anti-terrorism prosecutors in the United States. I spoke with him for three hours. I’m not going to go into everything he told me, a lot of it was shocking to me, ok?  It ranges from the purge last year in the FBI, directed by (Director Robert) Mueller, as directed by (Attorney General Eric) Holder, to purge any material in the FBI archives education curriculum that was critical of the Muslim Brotherhood, which of course is the mother of all these terrorist groups and the mother of jihad. That’s number one, and number two, the FBI’s been told to ‘engage in community outreach’ with radical mosques and radical islamic groups that are fronts for Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, they dont want to do it but they’ve been told to do it.

Listen to the entire interview here: 


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