CBS News' Attkisson: 'Sometimes I Feel Alone' Pursuing Benghazi Story

CBS News' Attkisson: 'Sometimes I Feel Alone' Pursuing Benghazi Story

Only a handful of journalists have really pursued the Benghazi terror attack story. Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News has been consistently out front challenging the Obama White House on the September 11, 2012 attack that left four Americans dead, including the US Ambassador to Libya.  

Thursday morning I spoke with Attkisson on “Mornings on the Mall” with co-host Brian Wilson on WMAL-FM in Washington DC.  

After she gave an update on this week’s news regarding reports that the State Department refuses to grant clearance for attorneys of whistleblowers who are hoping to come forward with information regarding the attacks, I asked Attkisson about the apparent lack of interest in the story from her fellow Beltway journalists.

Attkisson:  “As a journalist, I like it when other journalists pitch in and help. It becomes very difficult to have an impact if the administration feels they can ignore one or two reporters or a couple of inquiries, they can kind of get past it. If everyone were to pepper them, as I think they have in other cases over other stories, if they were to be peppered every day I think you’d get more answers sooner. But when a lot of journalists choose, for whatever reason not to join in, I do think it makes it more difficult

O’Connor:  Do you care to speculate on the reason?

Attkisson:  I have no idea. All I can tell you is, I went after many things in the Bush Administration and a lot of reporters joined me in those efforts when there were things to be asked in the Bush Administration. With the Obama Administration sometimes I feel like it’s uh, I’m alone with a few other journalists and I cant say why that is, I dont know” 

Listen to the entire interview here:  


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