Politico: Be Afraid Of Bloomberg

Politico: Be Afraid Of Bloomberg

Politico Executive Editor Jim VandeHei says the Bloomberg News is the media entity that is poised to make the biggest splash in Beltway coverage in the coming years. In a Q & A with paidContent, VandeHei discussed his move from The Washington Post to the upstart Politico back in 2007 which shook up the Washington press landscape. VandeHei thinks Bloomberg could be the next big thing in political reporting

pC: Who scares you the most?

JV: Our core competition journalistically is the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times. Financially, our competitive sets are different. On issue advertising, it’s everyone from the Post to the Atlantic to Roll Call. When it comes to selling high-end subscriptions our competition is Bloomberg’s BGov and, to a lesser extent, CQ and National Journal.

Who scares me the most? The entity that should worry media companies the most is Bloomberg because they have huge ambitions and huge cash reserves and they clearly have an appetite for more Washington coverage.