Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson Makes 'Red Eye' Debut

Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson Makes 'Red Eye' Debut

Breitbart News’ Sonnie Johnson made her debut on Fox News’ Red Eye on Thursday and assailed political correctness and organizations like PETA while engagingly offering her takes on a range of issues from diversity events at baseball games to Justin Bieber. 

Host Greg Gutfeld opened the show by discussing a decision by the New York Mets to cancel many events associated with a planned Native American heritage night, which happened to fall on the day the team is scheduled to play the Atlanta Braves. The Mets did not want the Braves to think the organization was protesting Atlanta’s nickname. 

Johnson, who revealed her uncle played professional baseball for teams like the Chicago White Sox, said teams should instead have “politically incorrect” nights and suggested more people may show up to baseball games if they did. She suggested a “Second Amendment” day, where people could carry “firearms fully loaded.” On “politically incorrect” days, Johnson said mothers would also not have to worry about being judged for giving their infants baby formula.

Johnson was on a panel with Bill Schulz, comedian Jesse Joyce, and Fox Business Network’s Elizabath MacDonald, and they then discussed Justin Bieber’s latest antics, which included urinating in a mop bucket while leaving a night club. Johnson proudly declared her eight-year-old daughter “despises everything Justin Bieber,” so she was “at a good spot with that right now.”

She then revealed she and her daughter throw pencils at Bieber whenever he appears on their television screen. She said people should not complain about hip hop music so long as “Bieber has a mic in his hand” and his music is considered acceptable. 

In a segment discussing race relations, Johnson said she thinks of race like “rappers think of girls.”

“Does the color really matter?” she asked. “If we get to the same level of tolerance that rappers have with their girls you would solve racism in America.”

Johnson then had some fun at Gutfeld’s expense during a discussion about a 63-year-old man who got turned away from Legoland because he was not accompanied by a child. Johnson made fun of Gutfeld’s height and said, since she likes to think of capitalist solutions to problems, the man should have rented Gutfeld for a day as his child before going to Legoland. 

The panel then discussed President Barack Obama’s executive order encouraging government workers to spy on co-workers to prevent national security leaks. Johnson then said that since government employees want to be “on the government dole for the rest of their lives,” can “never be fired,” and see their “benefits always go up,” they should all be put in a building and monitored. 

“They should be able to monitor you and be able to see everything you do,” she quipped. “That’s the price you pay for going into government work.”

When the panel discussed a Turkish man who locks his head in a cage every day in an attempt to quit smoking, Johnson said the story scared her because it may give progressives in the United States more horrible ideas.

“I’m scared about what kind of ideas they are going to get,” she said. “I don’t like stories from overseas because they always want to bring them over here.”

Johnson then took a parting shot at Bieber–and PETA–when discussing the pet monkey the Canadian pop star abandoned in Germany.

“PETA, where are you?” Johnson said. “You need to go and get him and put him somewhere with all the other people that you hate for hating animals so I don’t have to listen to him anymore.”


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