Chuck Todd: Clinton Film 'Nightmare' for NBC

Chuck Todd: Clinton Film 'Nightmare' for NBC

On Monday, Breitbart News reported exclusively that the RNC would no longer partner with NBC or CNN in presidential debates if the networks continued in their announced plans to produce films celebrating the life of Hillary Clinton. Clinton is widely expected to run for President again in 2016 and the RNC argued that the Clinton film productions were a stain on the networks’ objectivity. Surprisingly, Chuck Todd, chief political correspondent for NBC News agrees with the RNC. 

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday, Todd said the planned Clinton mini-series was a “nightmare” for NBC News. 

“This is why this mini series is a total nightmare for NBC News,” Todd said on the program.

“We know there’s this giant firewall, we know we have nothing to do with it, we know that we’d love probably to be as critical or whatever … if it comes out, but there’s nothing we can do about it and we’re going to only own the negative,” Todd warned. “People are going to see the peacock, and they see NBC, and they see NBC News, and they think, ‘Well, they can’t be that separate.'”

Todd is just the most recent media figure to support the RNC’s ultimatum. On Wednesday, Media Matters founder David Brock called on NBC and CNN to drop the Clinton film projects. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd also sided with the RNC over the networks. 

Don’t mistake this for some newly-found commitment to fair and neutral political coverage by the media. Most are just as active partisans for Democrats as they were before the RNC move. The planned Clinton films, however, are clearly so biased and hagiographic towards Hillary that airing them threatens even the thin veneer of objectivity the media tries to maintain. 

Its a peek behind the curtain of the Democrat-media industrial complex. For many in the press, exposing that isn’t worth a one-off film or miniseries about Hillary. Even the press will sometimes say no to the Clintons.


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