ObamaCare Debacle: American Media Misses Yet Another Scandal

ObamaCare Debacle: American Media Misses Yet Another Scandal

The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein now admits that weeks before the disastrous ObamaCare launch, he heard “some very ugly things about how the system was performing[.]” We also now know that a few hundred people were involved in a test that crashed the site days before the launch and that insurance companies were complaining about the site before the launch.  On top of all that, we are now seeing story after story about the red flags ignored by the Administration. But it isn’t just the White House claiming to be caught off guard by The Obvious, it is also a useless American media that seems incapable of breaking stories embarrassing to this president.

Ezra Klein says he knew about the website problems but wasn’t able to nail the story down. How many others in media knew? It is now obvious that a number of administration officials knew the site wasn’t even close to ready for primetime. So where was the media when it came to working their sources and digging into just how ready the Department of Health and Human Services was to roll out Obama’s signature piece of legislation and the federal government’s biggest social program since Medicare?

Once again, despite numerous red flags, our media claims to  be as surprised by a major scandal as the rest of the America. This isn’t the first major Obama White House scandal the media failed to break. The NSA, Associated Press, IRS, and Benghazi scandals were all missed by an American mainstream media that apparently spends its days spinning for the White House instead of engaging in the kind of investigative journalism into it that might result in revelations they don’t want to know about or report.

From what we now know, three weeks after the launch of this half-billion dollar debacle, the only thing more outrageous than the Obama administration launching a site they knew was nowhere near ready, is that our media was too lazy or partisan or incompetent or all three to have been way ahead of this scandal.


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