Byron York: 'Sympathetic Journalists All Knew Cancellations Coming'

Byron York: 'Sympathetic Journalists All Knew Cancellations Coming'

In a Friday editorial mainly taking aim at President Obama and Democrat lawmakers, The Washington Examiner‘s Byron York argues that the wave of millions of insurance cancellations was in fact not a surprise for many who are now claiming it was. They knew, knowingly lied about it, and they were not the only ones. York points out that “sympathetic journalists” also knew what was coming and remained silent:

All during the debate, Democratic officeholders, aides, policy wonks, advocates and sympathetic journalists all knew coverage cancellations would be coming as part of Obamacare. Of course, the president knew, too. When Obama made the keep-your-coverage promise, over and over, those Washington insiders accepted the untruth as a necessary part of the process, something Democrats had to do to pass their bill.

But millions of Americans didn’t get the memo and took Obama at his word. And now that the promise has been proven false, the president is trying to recover his credibility — his desire to do so was painfully evident at his long and sometimes rambling news conference Thursday — and his party is searching for cover.

And the media cover-up continues. Today, Obama and Democrats have merely traded one lie in for another. The new lie is that only 5% of the public will be affected by insurance cancellations:

The situation could become infinitely worse if problems now plaguing the individual insurance market begin to infect employer-based insurance, which covers by far the largest number of Americans.

Once ObamaCare hits the employer-market, what is happening today will look like the good old days. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that tens of millions will lose their insurance. Other estimates go as high as 93 million.

But the media is covering that fact up.


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