MSNBC Claims Absent Bashir Merely on Vacation

MSNBC Claims Absent Bashir Merely on Vacation

On Monday, MSNBC maintained that missing host Martin Bashir had not been suspended despite the fact that Bashir has not appeared on his show since November 22. MSNBC told Politico that Bashir was merely on vacation, but neglected to say when he would return from his vacation.

Bashir has been under heavy fire since stating on November 15 that someone should “p*ss” and “s***” in Sarah Palin’s mouth in response to Palin saying that US debt to China was enslaving future generations. “If anyone truly qualified for a dose of [slavemaster] discipline,” Bashir said, “then she would be the outstanding candidate.”

MSNBC recently fired Alec Baldwin for calling a photographer a “c***sucking f*g” off the air. Baldwin suggested that it was inconsistent for MSNBC to fire him but not Bashir. On Sunday, Baldwin tweeted that he hoped Bashir would remain on the air.

UPDATE: Politico says that a source has told them that Bashir has been suspended: “Sources at the network said Bashir had been temporarily suspended from the network.”

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