MSNBC's Toure: CNN's Don Lemon a 'White Leader'

MSNBC's Toure: CNN's Don Lemon a 'White Leader'

MSNBC is not having a good month. Two of their anchors — Alec Baldwin and Martin Bashir — have already been fired for offensive name-calling. Sunday, a third MSNBC anchor, Touré, launched an outrageous racialist attack against CNN’s Don Lemon.

Back in July, Lemon, a black left-winger, somewhat agreed with Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly that a big problem in many poor black communities is cultural, not economic. Lemon suggested that, among other things, young black men should “pull up your pants.” Still fuming over it almost five months later, Touré lashed out at Lemon Sunday as a “white leader“:

Apparently, Touré believes that black Americans should keep wearing baggy pants until the culture conforms to them. In pursuit of a worthy and moral goal — in this case, the right to wear baggy pants — young black men might lose all kinds of job opportunities, but the cost is well worth an America where someday black and whites alike will be allowed to publicly expose their underwear without fear of being discriminated against.

Of course Don Lemon is correct. But even if he was wrong, the bullying and name-calling the left engages in to question the “blackness” of any black man or woman who dares break from The Left-wing Collective is unconscionable.

Because he disagrees with Lemon, Touré isn’t content to explain his own point of view. Instead, he attacks Lemon on racial grounds by questioning the CNN anchor’s intentions and identity.  

The vitriol and rhetoric spewing from MSNBC anchors does not show any signs of slowing.


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