Politico vs. Politico Over Obama's Selfie, Castro Handshake

Politico vs. Politico Over Obama's Selfie, Castro Handshake

Politico media reporter Dylan Byers lashed out at New Media for reporting the news that President Obama shook dictator Raul Castro’s hand and later took a selfie photo at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. Apparently, Byers was unaware of the fact that his own publication gave both stories prominent play at the top of their homepage.

“Congrats to new media,” Byers scolded via Twitter. “You’ve taken Mandela’s funeral and whittled it down to some baseless assumptions about selfies, side-eyes & handshakes.”

Byers immediately followed up that finger-wag with another, “The White House would be laughing, if it gave a rip[.]”

Except it is not just New Media reporting on the fact that Obama took a selfie at Mandela’s memorial service and shook dictator Raul Castro’s hand. Both stories currently enjoy prominent placement at the top of Politico’s own home page.

Below is a screen shot of the Politico home page taken minutes after Byers’ tweets:

As of this writing, Byers has not yet acknowledged his employer publishing and highlighting either story.

Physician heal thy selfie. 


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