MSNBC's Harris-Perry Follows Media Tradition of Targeting Civilians

MSNBC's Harris-Perry Follows Media Tradition of Targeting Civilians

There was nothing unique about what MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry and her panel did last Sunday when they held Mitt Romney’s infant grandson up for ridicule and mockery. Over the past five years or so, targeting innocent civilians as a way to further the left-wing agenda is something the media have engaged in numerous times.

This is what the wicked media does; this is who these terrible people are.

Here are just a few examples….

Justine Sacco:

Just a couple of days before Christmas, a public relations executive named Justine Sacco had her career destroyed and name made infamous while she was on a flight and had no idea what was happening. Almost every member of the elite media targeted this woman’s reputation for assassination over a stupid tweet to her measly 214 followers. Before she was even given a chance to explain the tweet or apologize, she was demonized on global scale.

Reason: The media want us to know no one is safe from their neo-fascist crusade to regulate speech.

George Zimmerman:

The media spent over a year persecuting a Hispanic working class man as a white racist who went on a murder rampage. Before the facts of the terrible shooting of teenage Trayvon Martin were known, CNN and NBC News fabricated evidence to frame Zimmerman as a racist, and then covered up mitigating facts, like his being cleared of a racial motive by a Department of Justice investigation. After Zimmerman was found not-guilty by a jury, the media only doubled down.

Reason: At first the media merely followed President Obama’s lead. Ginning up racial division in a swing state like Florida could only help the president win a close re-election. After Obama’s re-election, the media’s motive was equal parts pride, gun control, the kind of racial division that always helps Democrats, and to further the false smear that in America, Mississippi is still burning.

Everyday GOP Supporters:

The left-wing Politico is by far the worst at this. During the 2012 election, Politico’s Maggie Haberman and Abby Phillip published oppo-research articles on everyday citizens whose only sin was not supporting Obama. One private citizen did nothing more than appear in a popular Romney ad,  another donated a large amount to someone not named Obama.

Reason: The media hopes to intimidate everyday conservative citizens into staying on the sidelines.

Sarah Palin’s Son Trig:

During the 2008 election, and with no evidence whatsoever, Andrew Sullivan invented from whole cloth a conspiracy that claimed that Trig Palin, the then-vice presidential candidate’s infant son, was not her child. In an attempt to freak-show the Palin family, Sullivan further claimed that one of the Governor Palin’s older daughters was Trig’s real mother and that the Palin family was covering this up.

Sullivan is no fringe blogger. Even though he frequently manufactures wild conspiracy theories meant to politically assassinate those he hates, the media treat him like a thought leader. Despite his fringe conspiracy-mongering, shoddy journalism, and outright lying, Sullivan appears on and is treated with the utmost seriousness and respect by almost every major news outlet.

Moreover, at the height of his attacks on Palin’s children, the media frequently gave Sullivan a platform and plenty of publicity to spread this poison. Naturally, the media made a show of pretending to dismiss the unfounded accusations, but that pretense was crucial to giving Sullivan’s conspiracy publicity and slipping it into the discussions of Palin as a potential vice president.  

The difference in how the media handled Sullivan’s weaponizing of Palin’s children and, say, the Obama Birthers, was not only night and day but all the difference in the world. The media made Birthers pay a terrible price (see: Trump, Donald). Sullivan, however,  only increased his standing with this very same group.

Reason: The media’s venomous hate of Palin frequently turns irrational. Just a couple of years later, the media would try to blame Palin for a mass-shooting in Arizona. No, really.

Joe The Plumber:

Before he ran for office, before he wrote op-eds, before anyone knew who Joe Wurzelbacher was, Joe the Plumber was just a guy in Ohio playing with his kids on the front lawn when a presidential candidate looking for an easy photo-op approached. Joe asked a perfectly fair and respectful question and the candidate, Barack Obama, completely blew it.

For the sin of asking Obama a question about his tax plan instead of bowing before the media’s tin god, Politico (again) published oppo-research on the poor guy. The rest of the media then went to town making sure Joe was the story instead of Obama’s “spread the wealth” revelation.

Reason: Distract from would could have been a defining Obama gaffe.

When it comes to protecting political correctness, The State, and those like Obama who grow The State’s power and influence, no one is safe from the media — not even a perfectly innocent black infant whose only sin is being adopted by the Romney family.

The media is evil — pass it on…


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