Four New Democrat Scandals the Kill-Christie Media's Covering Up

Four New Democrat Scandals the Kill-Christie Media's Covering Up

As the media pours all of its resources into paving a path for Hillary Clinton’s White House ascension through a group-tackle political assassination of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, there are four major political stories damaging to Democrats that the national media are dismissing, downplaying, or outright covering up.

1. Wendy Davis Lied About Her Life Story

Though the Dallas Morning News reported the lies in the most flattering way possible, there is no doubt that Davis’s tale of being a self-made teenage mother is laughably false. The Democrat star currently running for Texas governor also might have committed perjury in furtherance of her myth-making.

After her symbolic 11-hour filibuster to protect the rights of women to abort late-term pregnancies, Davis immediately became a Media and Democrat Star — and other then her extreme position on abortion, a lot of that had to do with her personal story of struggle as a single mother.  

We now know that bio simply isn’t true, but you wouldn’t know that watching the national media today.

2. New York Governor Goes Full-Bull Connor

Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), told The Capitol Pressroom that those who he disagrees with politically should leave the state of New York. Like Bull Connor, a Democrat Southern segregationist who became the face of political intimidation during the Jim Crow-era South, Cuomo is figuratively spittin’ tobacco and literally telling conservatives to get out of his state.

Just try to imagine the media uproar if any Republican had said anything even close to this.

3. The ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers are Fake

For weeks now the media have slavishly repeated the federal government’s 6 million ObamaCare enrollment number without question or scrutiny. As a result, The Narrative coming out of these numbers is that the worst has past and that while still flawed, ObamaCare is successful.

Except it isn’t.

The entire goal of ObamaCare was and is to insure the uninsured. It hasn’t done that. Not even close. More than two-thirds of the much-heralded 2.2 million ObamaCare enrollees already had insurance. As far as the 4 million new Medicaid enrollees, it looks as though fewer than 10% of those sign-ups were due to ObamaCare.

4. Kentucky Democrat Compares Mitch McConnell to Nazis

One of the biggest U.S. Senate races this year will be between Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and whoever Kentucky Democrats pick to run against him. One of the top contenders is Alison Lundergan Grimes. Thursday, one of Grimes’ supporters, Kentucky Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo, compared McConnell to a Nazi while introducing Grimes at a campaign event.  

After learning Grimes would run against McConnell, Stumbo said, it “reminded me of the feeling our troops must have had when they liberated the European nations after World War II.”

Grimes has refused to denounce Stumbo’s comments.

Another advantage Democrats enjoy is how little attention the Davis and Cuomo scandals will receive from late-night comedians — even though there is plenty there to work with. When a “Daily Show” or “Saturday Night Live” goes after a Republican,  the “straight” news broadcasts gleefully replay  the undermining moments again and again. Democrats rarely face this problem because late-night comedians are every bit as left-wing as the “straight” news broadcasts.


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