SOTU Media Blames Obama's Woes on Everything But His Failed Policies

SOTU Media Blames Obama's Woes on Everything But His Failed Policies

Obama’s policies have failed. That is why he is in trouble, and failed policies are not the only reason. Obama lied to the American people to pass the ObamaCare they hate, and we still have the unresolved scandals of the IRS, NSA, and Benghazi. But to hear the media talk in the runup to Tuesday night’s State of the Union, you would be led to believe that what’s ailing Obama are low approval ratings, political opposition, the public tuning him out, and second-term blues…

The chyron on MSNBC reads: “President Obama Faces Low Poll Numbers Ahead of Tonight’s Address.” The CNN chyron reads: “Obama Faces Pessimistic Public.” All morning MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” talked about how the American people have tuned the president out. NBC’s Chuck Todd dissected the entrails of Obama’s latest dismal poll numbers.

CNN tells us that “Obama failed to get any of his 2013 State of the Union priorities through Congress.” The AP warns “Obama faces a politically divided Congress.” ABC News reports, “Obama’s agenda as outlined in last year’s speech was at the mercy of Congress.” CBS reminds, “With Congress unwilling or unable to act on these key issues[.]”

Our dishonest media is reporting and focusing only on symptoms, as though symptoms are the disease. No one in media wants to say that if the voters had his back, Obama could get past a divided Congress. No one in media wants to reveal why Obama’s poll numbers are tanking, why the public has tuned him out, or where the second-term blues emanate from.

What the media refuses to say is that Obama is in the pickle he is in because he and his policies have failed. And the reason the media can’t bring themselves to admit this is because that would be the same as admitting that the left-wing policies they themselves believe in do not work. To admit Obama and his policies have failed is to admit liberalism has failed, and that is something our media will go bankrupt before doing.

For the first two years of his presidency, Obama had total run of the country with huge majorities in both Houses of Congress. Everything he wanted to pass did pass — most notably, major economic programs (the stimulus, Dodd-Frank, tax increases), the complete overhaul of our health care system (ObamaCare), and a regulatory rampage that continues to this day. And for five years, like any president. Obama has been able to govern foreign policy as he sees fit.

And it has all failed.

Five years in, Obama’s “recovery” is still the worst in American history; there are no jobs; Iran is laughing at us; Syria’s Assad regime has used us successfully to win a civil war; Egypt is a mess; we have four dead Americans in Benghazi; our hard-fought gains in Iraq and Afghanistan are being surrendered; and no one’s been held accountable for the abuses of the IRS, NSA, or the security failures in Libya.  

And then there is Obama the liar: “You can keep your health insurance” and “‘Twas YouTube killed the Libyan Ambassador.”

Obama is a failed president who has worked harder than anyone in recent history to enact failed economic policies, govern by dividing the country, blunder through foreign policy, and look Americans in the eye and lie… repeatedly.

According to the media, though, what plagues Obama are polls, political opposition, a lack of public trust, voter pessimism, and national exhaustion … all of which, they apparently want us to believe, manifested from thin air.

If Obama’s policies had been successful, he would be having none of these problems. The facts are just that simple and the media are engaging in verbal diarrhea to say everything but.


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