Glass House: MSNBC Anchor Laments 'Dehumanization' of Reporters

Glass House: MSNBC Anchor Laments 'Dehumanization' of Reporters

NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd, who also anchors MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown,” sat down with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Tuesday to lament “how we communicate in politics.” Todd was commenting on Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) threatening a reporter Tuesday night. “I’ve been fearing confrontations like this more often,” Todd said. “There is a dehumanization going on. There’s some opinion folks trying to dehumanize politicians and other reporters.”

While Todd himself admirably refrains from the flamethrower rhetoric that drives much of the rest of MSNBC and hosts one of the rare information-driven hours on the network, just a few hours after Todd expressed his concern over the “dehumanization” of others, the glass house he works for fired off a tweet that taunted the political right as racists. “Maybe the rightwing will hate it,” the tweet read, “but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family.”

Moreover, last night’s tweet was only the latest in a series of attempts by MSNBC and NBC News staffers to dehumanize others, especially those the network disagrees with politically.  

MSNBC anchor Alec Baldwin was recently fired for screaming anti-gay slurs on the street. And let’s not forget that MSNBC hired Baldwin just a few weeks after the actor hurled homophobic slurs and threats at a gay journalist.

MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir was recently shown the door for arguing that someone should defecate in the mouth of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry recently had to apologize for hosting a segment that ridiculed Mitt Romney’s adopted grandson over the fact that the infant is black.

MSNBC anchor Toure’ recently attacked CNN’s Don Lemon’s racial bona fides with a taunt accusing the black anchor of being a “white leader.”

And there just isn’t enough room on the Internet to list the sins MSNBC and NBC News committed against George Zimmerman, or the outright fraud NBC News and MSNBC have engaged in to unjustly smear the Tea Party and Rick Perry and others as every “ist” known to man. 

Other than “social media, blind comments, anonymous this” and “some opinion folks,” Todd didn’t  specify who he believes is dehumanizing reporters and politicians.

Regardless, there is just no question that when it comes to major news networks repeatedly caught using anti-gay slurs, racially taunting black infants, calling for horrific violence against women, demonizing and fabricating evidence against a working class Hispanic man, and smearing half the country as racist via Twitter — that cottage industry is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC News and MSNBC.

“I’ve been fearing that we’re in such a toxic political environment,” Todd told Andrea Mitchell, “that  we would start seeing stuff like this escalate.”

The RNC could not agree more.

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