Kerry, Crist Mock CNN's Ratings Collapse

Kerry, Crist Mock CNN's Ratings Collapse

During Saturday night’s annual Gridiron Club event, two high-profile Democrats — John Kerry and Charlie Crist — took vicious swipes at CNN, the third-place cable news channel currently suffering a noticeable ratings and quality collapse under the leadership of CNN chief Jeff Zucker.

Politico reports that Secretary of State John Kerry stated, “I am out of politics — and based on the ratings, so is CNN.” Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist piled on with, “You know things are bad at CNN when they say they may go to a print edition.”

CNN is a news channel almost completely devoted to campaigning for Democrats and their secular cause of a larger and more intrusive government. Zucker has only increased the network’s left-leaning biases and the result has been catastrophic. The firing of Piers Morgan leaves two massive holes in CNN’s primetime, and almost every attempt to create a new kind of programming has been met with disastrous ratings.

Apparently, Zucker’s plan is to move CNN to the left of MSNBC. Unfortunately, the network’s ratings are so low that even Democrats who rely on CNN feel free to openly mock their own water carriers.


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