Sarah Palin Calls Radio Show, Blasts 'Quasi-Intelligent Women'

Sarah Palin Calls Radio Show, Blasts 'Quasi-Intelligent Women'

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was driving home on Thursday listening to PolitiChicks Gina Loudon and Ann-Marie Murrell, who were guests on The Dennis Prager Show, and decided to call in herself.

“I just wanted to call in and thank the gals for working so extremely hard, for combating this BS war on women stuff,” she said when she got through to the show after confusing the call screeners who did not believe it was really Palin on the line. 

Republicans are the true “women liberators,” she said. “We are the ones fighting against this government control” that tries to strip away people’s liberties. As she did in her speech at last week’s CPAC, Palin said conservatives fight for “every ounce of positive potential” and are the ones who protect our “littlest sisters in the womb.”

Palin asserted that women are better than falling into the politics of victimization based on sex, and she said it disappoints her when “quasi-intelligent women… buy into this crap.”

At CPAC, Palin went on the offensive against the false “war on women” rhetoric Democrats have been pushing to make up for their lack of substance on policy issues. 

“Hey, Democrats, it’s your leaders who are demeaning to women,” Palin exclaimed. “Liberals seem to think the women of America are cheap dates. Feed ’em a few lines about that free birth control, throw in some scary quotes about the war on women, and they will be yours.”

Prager’s show was guest-hosted by Mark Isler, who, after giving Palin’s CPAC speech an “A++” grade, said the left and the media have unfairly painted her into a caricature, so they–Palin and other conservatives–have to fight against it.

“But we’re still standing,” Palin said. “I believe we are winning. … Look at Obama’s poll numbers.”

Palin called in as she was approaching her driveway, stating she was able to do so because it was one of the few times she was in a car without kids.

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