Charles Hurt: EPA Using Satellites, Drones to Fine, Bankrupt Citizens

Charles Hurt: EPA Using Satellites, Drones to Fine, Bankrupt Citizens

The Nuclear Option columnist for the Washington Times and Breitbart News, and Drudge Report editor Charles Hurt told Breitbart News Saturday that 5,000 Environmental Protection Agency hypocrites ensconce themselves in an urban domicile in DC, know nothing about freedom-loving Americans, and are polluting the Chesapeake Bay in a particularly nasty way.

Hurt recounted much of the nightmarish story about a young Wyoming family’s encounter with the bullying EPA, which you can find in this week’s column of The Nuclear Option. The family has been harassed and threatened with a $75,000 per day fine if they do not drain a small pond that they created on their own rural land. The pond was made from a stream flowing on their property, which they use for stocking fish, and has become a habitat for ducks, geese, and other wildlife. According to the EPA, creating a body of water on your own property is a violation of Federal Law.

Moreover, the Washington Times columnist explained to Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow that the EPA resides in the District of Columbia, which has an inadequate sewage and overflow disposal system. As a result, on rainy days raw excrement from the EPA building makes its way into the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. As we know from reading Charlie’s column, he is a man of ideas and he has a good one to solve this waste management problem. Hurt proposed that all 5,000 of the EPA employees pay a $75,000 fine every time they flush a toilet on a rainy day.

What’s more, Hurt claims that the EPA uses satellites and drones to fly over America and “compare maps” to find if any “new standing water” has been created.  If the EPA can identify that you have created a pond on your property, they can “come after you and accuse you of violating The Clean Water Act, and interfering with a creek.” Hurt makes clear that this is a serious matter because these rural dwellers often don’t make a lot of money and don’t have the resources to fight the EPA lawyers.

Hurt argued that, “the EPA in all of its wisdom has absolutely no interest in the environment.” The EPA critic added that, “If they like trees so much why don’t they go live among the trees.”  Hurt is livid that these “environmentalists” at the EPA go out to farmers and tell them what they think is right for the land. Hurt thinks this is an outrage, because the farmers’ livelihood depends on how they manage their farms, therefore, they don’t need somebody coming in from a government agency telling them what is best for their land.  

The EPA, according to Hurt, claims that, if you don’t agree with their priorities, then you are not for protecting the environment. “That is total BS” says Hurt. “These people are not fighting for the environment; they are fighting to soak up money for the federal government.” Hurt insists that he is a lover of the environment and wants nothing more than to have our forests protected and our air and water clean. Unfortunately, he does not think that is the main goal of the EPA.  


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