Shock: Border Patrol Union VP Says Patrol Agents are Window Dressing

Shock: Border Patrol Union VP Says Patrol Agents are Window Dressing

On Breitbart News Sunday, Sean Moran, Vice President of the 17,000 member National Border Patrol Council, sat down with Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and discussed the ongoing crisis at the southern US border and the challenge of illegal immigration. Also joining Chairman Bannon and Mr. Moran was Brandon Darby, Managing Editor of Breitbart Texas.  Below are ten important take-aways from that informative discussion:

1)  The National Border Council is the exclusive representative of 17,000 non supervisory border patrol agents.

2)  If you can assure that illegal aliens crossing the border into the US will not be able to obtain jobs, then you have a great possibility of curtailing illegal immigration.

3)  The main stream media led by the ACLU, have made a number of attempts to actually decrease the security on the border and has prevented the men and women of the border patrol, in other words the boots on the ground, from doing their job. Moreover, agents are discouraged by authorities from using force to stop criminals from crossing illegally. Border Patrol Agents are Window Dressing.

4)  The border patrol agents frequently patrol alone, have no backup and often times posses radio equipment that doesn’t work.

5)   Patrol officers are often told to discontinue a pursuit of a perpetrator, if that detail extends beyond their assigned hours of patrol work due to payroll constraints.

6)  Border patrol agents have the most dangerous law enforcement job in the country because they have an adversary who, the closer they are to Mexico, is more willing to use violence. Significantly, illegal crossers recognize that they can easily escape back to Mexico where US patrol agents don’t have jurisdiction.

7)   The terrain at the border is very inhospitable and often times extremely dangerous. Many agents are killed by falls and drown in rivers and canals. Moreover, agents are frequently 90 minutes by vehicle from their nearest backup, unlike a metropolitan officer who can procure backup in a matter of minutes. Often times border patrol agents have to control groups that far outnumber them.

8)  In most deployments of Border Patrol Agents, they are stationed by themselves in a solitary location and rarely have a partner.

9)  There are vast regions of the border that are not under the control of any border agents or US surveillance.

10) Border Patrol agents, despite having the support from citizens across the nation, are not  adequately protecting the southern border of the United States. As a result, Border Patrol Agents have one of the worst levels of morale of any federal agency. Year after years they are ranked at the very bottom of the barrel in morale, but they are ranked highest in their patriotism.