New ABC News/Stephanopoulos Deal Seen As Boost for Hillary 2016

New ABC News/Stephanopoulos Deal Seen As Boost for Hillary 2016

Left-wing journalist George Stephanopoulos will remain with “Good Morning America” and “This Week” after signing a new long-term deal with ABC News. The former Clinton White House insider, who now uses his role as an ABC News anchor to push the Democrats’ political agenda, will stay with the network for three years, or perhaps longer. Details have not been disclosed but THR reports that the contract was finalized quickly.

With the power of ABC News behind him through the next presidential election, Stephanopoulos will be of great benefit to Hillary Clinton, should the former Secretary of State decide to run for president in 2016. Stephanopoulos was not only a close confidante to her husband, President Bill Clinton; Stephanopoulos is widely credited with launching the Democrats’ phony but effective War on Women meme.

During a 2012 GOP primary debate he moderated, it was Stephanopoulos who out of the blue asked the primary candidates if any of them would consider banning birth control. Though a ridiculous question on its face, by raising it as though it were a real possibility, Stephanopolous was able to plant a seed of doubt among low-information voters. Grateful Democrats seized on the moment immediately and have never let go.

The mainstream media is expected to use spurious charges of sexism against the GOP as a way to boost Hillary in 2016 in the same way dishonest charges of racism have been used by the media to protect Obama since 2008.

Though he poses as an objective journalist, Stephanopoulos is expected to be a vital part of this game-plan.



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