Google: Memorial Day Does Not Rate a Tribute Doodle on Search Page

Google: Memorial Day Does Not Rate a Tribute Doodle on Search Page

Mother’s Day got a Google doodle, chorographer Martha Graham got a Google doodle honoring her 117th birthday, Audrey Hepburn got one for her 85th birthday, and of course Earth Day on April 22, 2014 got a Google Doodle. 

Memorial Day did not get the tribute Google doodle on Monday.

Apparently, the day honoring our military, who spilled their blood and gave their lives fighting in American wars, did not rate high enough to qualify for Google’s Hall of Important Days. And this is not the first time Google was negligent on Memorial day. In past years, they have also omitted ascribing a picture to the search engine window.

In 2013, Google confused Memorial day with Veterans day and drew a live military dad on the page, entirely missing the message of what is arguably America’s most important national holiday.

Conservatives such as economist and gun rights advocate John Lott have accused Google of purging conservative news sites and manipulating news searches for left-wing political ends, while the notoriously liberal Al Gore has been a senior advisor to Google.

UPDATE: At the time of publication, Google has since added an American flag icon and yellow ribbon underneath its search bar. The tribute did not appear at midnight as most Google Doodles do but in the afternoon on the west coast.


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