Touré 'Apologizes' for Latest Anti-Semitic Tweet

Touré 'Apologizes' for Latest Anti-Semitic Tweet

Over this past Memorial Day weekend, MSNBC host Touré decided that those who were interned in Hitler’s concentration camps during the Holocaust in WWII survived because they were lucky recipients of “white privilege.” Days later, he made a sort of apology. But what of the other anti-Semitic tweets he’s made? Will he apologize for them, as well?

The MSNBC talking head found himself jumping on Twitter on May 23 to respond to a viewer who noted that his ancestors were lucky enough to live through Hitler’s death camps. He ended his tweet with a sort of mock hashtag that said “sorry for being white though you guys.”

In reply, Touré charged that Holocaust victims survived their ordeals through the “power of whiteness”; apparently, they were the recipients of the left’s newest race card charge: “white privilege.”

This Touré tweet caused a firestorm of criticism for the race-obsessed MSNBCer. He stayed clear of Twitter for a few days. But by May 27, he was back to make somewhat of an apology.

This isn’t really much of an apology, of course. He essentially blamed Twitter and Twitter users for not being up to his level of discussion. Further, his attempt to put off more criticism merely invites the question of just how can a Holocaust victim be said to have that wonderful “white privilege” for having survived a death camp? Clearly, Touré thinks they do–somehow or another.

Still, at least he said something to mitigate his own racism and anti-Semitism. This time.

But what of the other times he’s compared the plight of blacks to that of Jewish people everywhere?What about the time in 2009 when he tweeted, “Last night a question occurred to me: Are Jewish people niggers? I think: Sometimes and in some ways yes, sometimes and in some ways no.”

And what of the time that he excoriated the exact sort of comparisons he himself made when in June of 2009, he tweeted, “Comparing the oppression of blacks & Jews and positing who’s had it worse is an intellectually immature & irrelevant topic.”

Isn’t that just what he did by claiming that Holocaust survivors had that lucky “white privilege” going for them?

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