Politico Honchos 'Jump Shark' To Defend Obama's Taliban Release

Politico Honchos 'Jump Shark' To Defend Obama's Taliban Release

Blake Hounshell, an editor at Politico Magazine, downplayed Obama’s decision to release five Taliban leaders in exchange for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, based on the fact that the five terrorists are not “ninjas.” On his verified Twitter feed Hounshell wrote, “What’s the argument that these five Taliban guys are so dangerous? Are they ninjas? Do they have superpowers?”

Politico’s Glenn Thrush, who covers the White House for the left-wing outlet, seems to believe that everything Obama does is okay because President Bush invaded Iraq. Tuesday morning, from his Twitter account, Thrush fired off this non sequitur:

Thrush’s tweet resulted in all kinds of responses, most of them critical. One of the first said that Thrush had “jumped the shark.”

When I challenged Thrush on his use of a non sequitur, he replied, “I live near Walter Reed. I see the Non Sequiturs in wheelchairs at my mall”.

How many more Americans and Afghans will the newly-freed Taliban Dream Team put in wheelchairs, or worse?


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