'Refugees': News Networks Refuse to Call Illegals Illegal

'Refugees': News Networks Refuse to Call Illegals Illegal

Newbusters reports that in the wake of tens of thousands of illegal aliens swarming over the American border, the broadcast networks are refusing to use the word “illegal” to describe these illegal aliens. And that’s not because they are using words like “invaders” or “soon-to-be Democrats.”

Instead, viewers are hearing words like “refugee” and “undocumented.” NBC News went so far as to create the Twitter handle #RefugeeRiders.

NBC”s Lauer began his editorializing by arguing that “as so many issues in this country do it’s going to boil down to politics. And wherever you stand on the issue, one side or the other, I’m not going to weigh in on that, it’s hard to see those images moms and their kids in that situation.” The NBC host then encouraged his audience to share their thoughts using the Today show hashtag #RefugeeRiders. 

Throughout the entire report, NBC’s Miguel Almaguer refused to use the term “illegal immigrant” and instead used the term “undocumented immigrants” to describe the 140 individuals being bussed to California[.] …

On ABC’s Good Morning America, reader Ryan Smith didn’t even use the term “undocumented” during the news brief and instead noted that ” new information about those government buses full of immigrants which were blocked from entering a processing center in California Tuesday by this group of angry protesters who say the immigrants are a public safety threat.” During the 8:00 a.m. hour, Smith did use the term “illegal” in his news brief.

Finally, CBS This Morning substitute anchor Margaret Brennan introduced its report by highlighting the “controversial government plan to transfer undocumented immigrants from Texas to California is set to continue this morning.” Reporter John Blackstone, who provided a full report Tuesday night did not use the term “illegal immigrant” again on Wednesday morning.

The Orwellian language is likely a result of polling that shows 59% of the country rightly blame President Obama for the current immigration crisis, and just as many  say that “the children should be ordered to leave the country.”

There’s no question that Obama and the Democrat Party’s amnesty rhetoric lured tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children to risk harrowing journeys over hundreds and thousands of miles to get here. They are now overwhelming our immigrations systems and risking the spread of disease.


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