Shadow Campaign: Handful of Activists Responsible for Anti-Limbaugh Crusade

Shadow Campaign: Handful of Activists Responsible for Anti-Limbaugh Crusade

In a wide-ranging interview with All Access, Clear Channel Networks president Darren Davis claims that after an exhaustive investigation into the social media campaign against talk radio titan Rush Limbaugh and his advertisers, they found that 70 percent of the attacks were coming from just 10 highly organized individuals.

Apparently these activists are full-timers who use social media (Facebook, Twiter) to intimidate any small local business that advertises during Limbaugh’s show on their local station. These activists go so far as to pose as local customers when the truth is that 80 percent of the complaints about Limbaugh come from a state different from the one the business is located in.

The big story — and what we have learned — is that virtually all the negativity around him over the last two years has stemmed from very small number of people in social media. We have found that 70% of the attacks are coming from just 10 people. Ten people around America – and we know who they are — sit at their computers all day sending out tweets, then use computer technology to amplify them. …

80% of the attacks come from a different state than where the business exists. It’s really amplified when you look at it that way. A small business in New York is getting letters, Facebook posts and tweets supposedly from customers boycotting their business — when it’s all coming from a person who actually lives in Nevada. It’s the biggest bunch of nonsense I’ve ever come across. We’re definitely going to do a big job of telling the truth.

The Left is genius at this kind of propaganda. It’s exactly what the mainstream media does but on a more tightly focused scale.

The idea is to manufacture a reality that doesn’t exist. Regardless of public’s real opinion on, say, gun control, the MSM will coordinate with every cable news network, network newscast, website, and print outlet to fabricate a reality meant to convince 100 Senators and 435 Representatives that all Americans care about is having their 2nd Amendment civil rights taken away from them.

From the looks of it, 10 dedicated activists are doing the same to Limbaugh’s advertisers: coordinating a campaign to fabricate a reality that says doing business with Limbaugh is bad for business instead of good.

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