CNN’s Sad Brag: We Moved Left and Beat ‘Morning Joe!’


This tweet from CNN’s ethically-challenged media reporter Brian Stelter personifies the old saying, “The fight was so bitter because the stakes were so low.” Apparently, last place CNN is now beating last place MSNBC. The bitter fight for last place and second-to-last place is on!

Fox News is so far ahead of these two bottom-feeding left-wing cable news networks, CNN and Stelter have to act like the morning show Fox & Friends doesn’t even exist. CNN’s “New Day” is as left-wing as any MSNBC show. Leftists can watch “New Day” and have all their biases confirmed. Chris Cuomo isn’t the most appealing guy on television but Joe Scarborough is one of the least appealing.

There is just no question that CNN chief Jeff Zucker’s gameplan was to eke his failing network into second-to-last place by siphoning off MSNBC viewers by taking CNN far to the left of MSNBC. CNN is a laughingstock now but it can at least brag about being in second-to-last place.


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