Politico’s Dylan Byers: Brian Williams ‘Conflates” and ‘You Want Him Fired?’


Although other military witnesses on the scene at the time claim the chopper NBC’s Brian Williams flew in was an hour behind the Chinook shot down in 2003, Politico’s media reporter Dylan Byers is asking his readers to take those witnesses with a “grain of salt.”

Assuming this pilot is correct, Byers is still defining as “conflating” Williams claiming for more than a decade that his chopper was shot down by an RPG over Iraq, that his pilot “took a Purple Heart injury,” and that the damage from the RPG resulted in an emergency landing.

This is a pretty low standard for anyone, much less a media watchdog. If you witness something happen to someone else and claim what you witnessed happened to you, according to Byers that’s merely an act of “conflating.”


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