‘Thinking Islam a Problematic Culture Is a Thought Crime,’ Says Anti-Jihad Expert

AFP Photo / HO / Al-Furqan Media
AFP Photo / HO / Al-Furqan Media

Dr. Charles Jacobs, President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, appeared on Breitbart News Sunday with Breitbart Executive Chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon and asserted that the Islamic Society of Boston has become a breeding ground for radical Jihad.

Ironically, he pointed out that the Islamic Society of Boston will be touted as a strategy success by President Obama in his upcoming Countering Violent Extremism Summit on Wednesday. Dr. Jacobs told Bannon that “everybody is outraged against radical Islam except the President.” He pointed out that even Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, who Jacobs said agrees with Obama 90% of the time, asserted that Obama’s refusal to use the term “radical Islam” is ridiculous.

Jacobs, furthermore, reminded listeners that Obama called the targeted killing of Jews in a Paris kosher deli a random shooting and “then there was the workplace violence at Fort Hood and now we have a conference on combating violence extremism.”

Jacobs explained that the reason Obama picked Boston as the location to hold the conference is because the administration contends, “In Boston local law enforcement officers have combined with community leaders to reduce crime. So there it is again Jihad is a street crime.” Jacobs says that Obama and others are equating people motivated by jihad ideologies with “robbing a jewelry store or doing drug related drive by shootings.”

Bannon agreed with Jacobs, asserting that they are trying reclassify it from being a war to “a criminal problem and we can solve it through the courts.”

Boston is not a model city whatsoever, but rather a “cautionary tale,” observed Dr. Jacobs. “The same Islamic groups that Obama is telling us he is working with in Boston are themselves extremists,” he said. “The Islamic Society of Boston, and its political arm the Muslim American Society are linked to twelve people who are either in jail, awaiting trial, are fugitives on the lam from justice, or dead, all of who are related to Jihadist activities.”

Bannon asked why the media–the Boston Globe, powerful radio stations, an alternative press, major universities– isn’t covering any of this? Jacobs explained that “the media has done everything they could do to block the reality of what’s happening in Boston. The Boston Herald did a five part series on the Islamic Center and they were sued. Although the Islamic Center didn’t win, they cost the Herald hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Now the Herald is quiet,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs says that he showed checks to the Boston Globe editors going from Islamic Society of Boston to terror groups and vice versa and showed them speeches presented in the mosques  about “hating Jews, Christians and gays.”  Moreover, Jacobs showed them the website of the Islamic Society of Boston with a page dedicated to how you can beat your wife. Yet, the Boston Globe did not expose the their findings.

“All of this stuff is known but there has been a huge effort to keep this under wraps,” Jacobs asserted. In Jacobs mind it is ideology that prompts city officials to cow-tow to the Muslims. If the mayor says no to building a Mosque they fear that they will be pegged an “Islamaphobic, bigot, racist,” he said.

“Thinking that Islam can be a problematic culture is a thought crime,” said Dr. Jacobs.