Man Born With No Anus Reports Katie Hopkins To Police For Disrespecting His Bottom

Katie Hopkins

A man born without an anus has reported Sun columnist Katie Hopkins to the police because she tweeted less than respectfully about his condition, which leaves him little control over his bowel movements.

Stuart Andrews, 34, a former stripper from Edinburgh, was so ashamed and embarrassed to have been born without a functioning back passage that he strove to keep it a secret by agreeing to talk about it on a Channel Five programme called Benefits Britain.

Andrews told viewers: “It’s lucky you don’t have smellovision otherwise you’d smell the flatulence.”

But apparently only Andrews is allowed to make light of his problem which, he claims, renders him ineligible for work and leaves him dependent on the largesse of the taxpayer.

When Hopkins tweeted “He doesn’t have an arsehole but makes up for it by being one”, Andrews took great exception.

As he told the Scottish Daily Record:

“I have grown up with bullying all my life but that nonsense from Katie Hopkins is the last straw. I am really upset by this. Police came and spoke to me and they said they are going to liaise with the police down south.

“I have had various jobs over the years. I am a qualified security officer and I was a free runner for a while. I want to be seen as a strong, robust person not someone that was held back by a disability.

Police Scotland confirmed that it had received a complaint and said that “enquiries are ongoing.”



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