According to Their Male Defenders, Female Interviewers Can’t Handle Rand Paul


Apparently, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie is a little precious affirmative-action snowflake who can’t handle being challenged by a man.

That’s not my opinion, but that appears to be the opinion of some in the mainstream media currently warning Republican Senator Rand Paul to take it easy on the ladies.

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza is practically on a white horse over Mean Paul interrupting and challenging damsel-in-distress Guthrie. Cillizza is also in a huff over Paul getting tough with another Female Faberge Egg: CNBC’s Kelly Evans.

What’s most shocking is that Cillizza admits he’s singling out the ladies. “I’ve not watched every somewhat-contentious Rand Paul interview this year to see whether female reporters are involved more often than men,” Cillizza writes. “But that the two high-profile incidents this year have happened with women does not help Paul.”

That last line is hilarious. The only reason Paul’s interviews with the ladies became “high-profile” is because the Chris Cillizzas of the mainstream media singled out the Paul interviews with the ladies.

Cillizza appears to see his female colleagues as the weaker sex in desperate need of his macho mansplanatory wonkery.

Guthrie’s colleague, “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd, also warned Paul that “he’s got to be careful here. This is turning into a habit, particularly over — this is now two prominent women interviewers…Kelly Evans of CNBC, Savannah now.”

And yet…

After  Paul got into a testy exchange over abortion yesterday with Philip Elliott, a reporter from the Associated Press, no one ran to poor Philip’s defense.

But Philip is a MAN who can handle a Rand Paul without having MEN parachute in to protect his precious little snowflake status.

Sadly, even women in the mainstream media seem to be admitting they are the weaker sex. Todd was talking to Andrea Mitchell, who claims to be a feminist. She did not, though, reach across the desk and slap Todd. She agreed with him.

In the Guardian, a woman named Sabrina Siddiqui hyper-ventilated a huge story berating Paul.

But where are Evans and Guthrie?

Why aren’t these fragile princesses putting the brakes on being singled out for special protection? How can they not be humiliated by this?

Personally, I’m embarrassed for them both.

You don’t have to imagine Megyn Kelly’s reaction if a bunch of men treated her like anything less than an equal. Last night the Fox News anchor rightly called circling the wagons around women sexist behavior:

 Chuck Todd came out and said you have to be ‘careful’ because you attacked two prominent female interviewers,” Kelly said. “‘The Guardian’ said you were ‘condescending’ toward female reporters. And I, as a female reporter, will say to Chuck Todd and “The Guardian”: We don’t need your help.”

Here’s the thing…

Whether the interviewer’s first name is Phil or Savannah, Rand Paul treats them equally.

Who’s the chauvinist sexist pig again?

Bottom line: If the mainstream media honestly doesn’t believe women can handle big league interviews, maybe Savannah Guthrie and Kelly Evans need to stick to cooking segments.

Just to be clear, I don’t believe that. But we know  the unbiased, objective, not-at-all liberal mainstream media would never launch a coordinated and spurious attack against Paul as “sexist” just to damage him as a boost for Hillary Clinton. Because that would be biased. And the media’s not biased. So what else are we to believe?


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