Baltimore Riots: Frank Rich Reveals His Hideous Racism


The Left’s fascist rampage to silence inconvenient facts and conservative opinion by labeling both as an act of hate marches on at New York Magazine, where critics of Baltimore’s 50-year Democrat monopoly on city government were attacked as racist by columnist Frank Rich. In doing so, though, the left-wing publication and Rich only revealed their own hideous racism:

Conservative reaction to the unrest in Baltimore sometimes looks like a page out of the old “silent majority” playbook. The right has so far blamed the crisis on unions, welfare, single-parent families, Democrats, the “animalism” of Baltimore residents, and President Obama. Is there a political agenda taking root to exploit this crisis in 2016? …

[W] we have the spectacle of Fox News commentators falling over themselves to repeat the name of one particular Baltimore gang, the Black Guerrilla Family, over and over. (Such other Baltimore gang names as the Bloods and the Crips just don’t cut it anymore if you are in the scaring-whites business.) At the more serious level, we have a lead columnist in this morning’s New York Post all but wishing that New York might become “another Baltimore” so that blame can be placed on its Democratic mayor and the Democrats in general. …

The ultimate goal of such conservative point-scoring in this tragedy may indeed be to drive a wedge between Hillary Clinton and those white Democratic and independent voters who defected from Obama but who might be inclined to vote for her. And those are white voters Clinton may need, after all, to make up any shortfall in enthusiasm and turnout among the young and minority voters who were so central to Obama’s two national victories. Will Clinton stand up — and stand up strongly — against such race-baiting?

If I’m understanding Rich, and I think I am, properly identifying the name of a street gang, correctly describing animalistic behavior as “animalistic,” and correctly pointing out that a near-half century of unbridled Democrat rule — and with it the proven failure of left-wing policies (the welfare state, union cronyism, poor policing, ravaged schools) — is now racist.

No one screamed “Ni**ger!”, no one claimed skin color has anything to do with anything, no one used the word “black” as a pejorative. The hard truth here is that the only people who truly give a damn about Baltimore are those Rich attacks as racist. We’re the only ones speaking the truth about what’s wrong with that failed city, and we do so knowing full well we will be publicly smeared as racists.

Just like every elected Democrat and the rest of the mainstream media, what Frank Rich is really doing here is fighting for a failed status quo in Baltimore — fighting to quadruple down on the failed left-wing policies that for decades have created a genocidal cycle for young Baltimore black men.

Although for decades, the left’s policies have proven devastating to predominantly black communities everywhere, Frank Rich smears those who say so because those policies also serve to keep Democrats in power through the fostering of government dependence.

Frank Rich obviously believes that if the status quo keeps Democrats in power, the human cost in black lives is worth it.

Which I think makes clear who the real racist is.


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