CNN’s Chris Cuomo Lashes Out at ‘Breit Boy’ Nolte, Deletes


Although Breitbart News quoted CNN’s Chris Cuomo at length Thursday morning, rather than explain or apologize for dishonestly sowing seeds of hate between the Baltimore police and citizens, the left-wing “New Day” anchor chose instead to launch ad hominem attacks and to deflect.

While there’s no question the Baltimore Police have been controlled in their response to this week’s looting and rioting (many argue they have been too controlled), during a Wednesday night “Anderson Cooper 360” segment, Cuomo told a black protestor to be careful of the police: “You know walking towards the cops in the middle of the street, they’re going to come at you. …  cuz you know how they are.”

Based on nothing more than his own bad intentions, Cuomo deliberately exploited a moment on live television to further exacerbate tensions between residents and the police. Cuomo must know that the predictable result of this kind of hate-baiting almost always results in black people, black neighborhoods, and black businesses suffering more than anyone else. Obviously, Cuomo is putting his personal political agenda ahead of the black community and his role as a journalist.

Although he has since deleted the tweets, Cuomo’s response to the Breitbart News report veered between the nonsensical — “bs, hatred, out of context” — and  childish name-calling:

Cuomo also referred to me specifically as “breit boy.” That tweet has also been deleted.

Cuomo explained to Johnny Dollar why he deleted the tweets:

Born into the rare privilege that comes with a Democrat Dynasty, and working in the left-wing velvet bubble of the mainstream media, Cuomo has apparently never learned the coping skills required to maturely deal with being called out for his indefensible, destructive, and dishonest behavior.


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