Washington Post: ‘Lena Dunham Offers No Apology After Her Rape In Ohio’

Geller speaking moments before the Garland Shooting

My headline above is a fake.

I made it up.

You knew that because The Washington Post would never dream of victim-blaming —  would never shame a female victim for not apologizing after she’s been attacked by a monster…

Unless of course she’s a female conservative engaging in nothing more than refusing to bow to the threats of savage terrorists:

Event organizer offers no apology after thwarted attack in Texas

Pamela Geller, the woman behind the Texas cartoon contest attacked by two gunmen late Sunday, knew what she was doing when she staged the controversial event featuring irreverent depictions of the prophet Muhammad in Garland, Tex.

The Dallas suburb had hosted a pro-Muslim conference in January, about the time Islamist terrorists killed a dozen journalists with the satirical French publication Charlie Hebdo. Geller, a blogger and fierce critic of what she calls the “Islamization” of America, wanted to make a statement.

Shorter Washington Post: “The bitch was begging for it.”

Has the Washington Post called for the creative force behind “The Book of Mormon” to apologize for offending Mormons. No, because Mormons don’t have a wing on their team that cuts off heads.

Has the Washington Post called for the organizers of the intentionally blasphemous annual “Hunky Jesus & Foxy Mary” contest to apologize to Christians. No, because Christians don’t have a wing on their team that butchers blasphemers.

By asking Pam Geller to apologize for putting on her own “Book of Mormon — Hunky Jesus” event, The Washington Post is enforcing Sharia Law.



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