Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Manager Interned for George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos
RW/MediaPunch via AP

Overt connections between ABC news anchor George Stephanopoulos and the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign continue to surface; Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, once worked as an intern for Stephanopoulos when the news anchor briefly worked at Columbia as a visiting professor.

The Washington Free Beacon discovered that Stephanopoulos thanked Mook in the acknowledgement section of his 1999 memoir All Too Human, written after he left his job in the Clinton Administration as a Senior Advisor for Policy and Strategy. The book was lauded by the publisher as “a new-generation political memoir, written from the refreshing perspective of one who got his hands on the levers of awesome power at an early age.”

While Stephanopoulos taught at Columbia, Mook, an undergraduate student who had joined the College Democrats and had worked for the Democratic Party in his native Vermont, served with a group of interns working for Stephanopolous’ research assistant at Columbia. The interns were responsible for “reviewing thousands of pages of public records and making sure I got my facts straight,” according to the memoir.

Mook later served as a state director for three states for Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential campaign, became the executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2012, and supervised Clinton’s 2008 campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe’s successful 2013 campaign for the governorship of Virginia.

The connection between Mook and Stephanopoulos is the latest fact documenting the ridiculousness of Stephanopoulos reporting impartially on the 2016 campaign, following the Beacon’s report that Stephanopolous had donated thousands to the Clinton Foundation but never reported that when ABC News covered the questionable donations that were made to the foundation.