Hate Network: CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield Finally Forced to Apologize


Two full days after calling attempted mass-cop killer “courageous and brave,” CNN weekend anchor Fredricka Whitfield finally came out and apologized Monday afternoon.

I misused those words terribly. And I sincerely apologize for making this statement, and I understand now how offensive it was, and I want to reiterate that in no way do I believe the gunman was courageous or brave. I sincerely apologize.

On Saturday, while the stand-off between Boulware and the police was ongoing, Whitfield described the would-be mass murderer as “courageous and brave.” Sunday, Whifield popped up on the air only to say she “misspoke.” There was no apology, and organizations like the Dallas Police Association took notice. In a statement released Monday, the DPA wrote in part that Whitfield’s “flippant, non-apology served as further insult.”

Whitfield’s claim that a man armed to the teeth, and burning with the intent to murder as many law enforcement officers as possible, is “courageous and brave” is, unfortunately, completely in keeping with CNN’s relentless hate campaigns against America’s law enforcement community.

Starting with the left-wing cable news network’s serial lies surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting, straight through to Ferguson and the Baltimore riots, under Jeff Zucker, CNN has deliberately waged a campaign-of-lies to foment hatred against police officers and riots in working class black communities.

The pattern is disturbingly obvious: CNN staffers have openly sown seeds of distrust between citizens and law enforcement, described the police as terrorists and an occupying force, encouraged rioting, and suggested police departments are staffed with unstable war veterans.

Whitfield didn’t misspeak. To describe a determined mass-cop killer, you don’t misspeak the words “courageous and brave.” Just like the “demented veterans” smear, this was CNN attempting to float a Narrative trial balloon.

Why else would Whitfield be forced to apologize? Anyone with any kind of conscience who truly did misspeak in that same context, would fall all over themselves to make it right.

It’s all politics, the very worst kind of politics.

In his quest for ratings and political power, Jeff Zucker is a Bond villain come to life.


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