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Fredricka Whitfield

Hate Network: CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield Finally Forced to Apologize

Two full days after calling attempted mass-cop killer “courageous and brave,” CNN weekend anchor Fredricka Whitfield finally came out and apologized Monday afternoon. I misused those words terribly. And I sincerely apologize for making this statement, and I understand now


CNN’s Whitfield: ‘I Sincerely Apologize’ For Dallas Shooter Remark

On Monday, CNN host Fredricka Whitfield apologized for referring to the gunmen who attacked as “courageous and brave.” Whitfield said, “Well, Saturday, during a segment on the Dallas police department attack, I used the words ‘courageous and brave’ when discussing the


Pattern: Why We Should Never Forgive CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield

CNN’s long, sordid, ugly, dishonest hate campaign against America law enforcement finally went too far, even for CNN, when weekend anchor Fredricka Whitfield gushed over how “courageous and brave” it was for a man using an armored car to launch