Dallas police department headquarters attack

Reflection on Dallas PD Assault: Family Court Associate Judges in Texas are Sitting Ducks

The Boulware attack on Dallas PD headquarters show us that family court judges without bailiffs are sitting ducks. The man killed in a “zombie apocalypse assault” vehicle after a Dallas Police headquarters assault a week ago had a history of domestic violence and mental illness. He had threatened family court judges who had decided his custody case. Dallas judges are now calling for protection in all of their courtrooms.

The Associated Press

Suspect in Dallas Police Department Attack in Stand-off

A suspect in the Dallas police headquarters attack is in a stand-off with police, according to the Dallas Morning News. Police are continuing to negotiate with the man, James Lance Boulware, who was chased by police to Hutchins, Texas. Hutchins is nine months south of downtown Dallas.

James Lance Boulware Mugshot