Illegals and Crime: Chuck Todd Is Why We Need a Second Amendment


After a couple of days off, I’m just now catching up on the Sunday shows, and as I watched Chuck Todd use his powerful “Meet the Press” platform to proclaim Donald Trump 100% wrong about immigration and crime, my first thought was…

“Thank God for the Second Amendment.”

According to Todd’s “Nerdscreen” segment that examined Trump’s comment on illegals and crime against the so-called facts, Americans have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Of course this is preposterous.

How preposterous?

Well, if you take Todd’s comments to their logical conclusion, the more illegals that flood into the country, the less crime we’ll have because illegals commit less crime that native born Americans.

By responding to Trump’s comments about illegals with stats about overall immigrants, that’s the message Todd sent.

For whatever reason, to prove Trump and those of us concerned with this issue 100% wrong, Todd focused on a number that had nothing to do with the issue at hand. For whatever reason, Todd focused on immigration and not illegal immigrants.

Had Todd focused on the real  issue, the issue illegal immigrants, the Nerdscreen segment could have done some real good by challenging mainstream media orthodoxy through the highlighting of a very real national problem caused by a massive failure of our government.

Here are some facts Todd, like the rest of the media, choose not to share with the country.

— Democrats and the media want to legalize 11 million illegals, even with black unemployment ranging from 10% (all blacks) to 30% (black youths).

— Illegal traffickers bring in 90% of America’s heroin across our Southern border, mostly from Mexico.

— Local and State prisons don’t keep crime stats on illegals. The Feds do, and illegals account for almost 40% of the crime.

— There are 94 federal court districts throughout the county. The 5 along the Southern border account for nearly half of all federal crimes.

— From Texas alone, ICE deports nearly 2000 illegal sex offenders per year.

— Nearly a thousand Texas children were sexually assaulted by illegals over the last three years.

At the end of the segment, Todd wanted his audience to feel pretty good about border security. According to our government (the same government that compiled the statistics above) we have an 84% apprehension rate along the Southern border. “That’s a B+,” Todd exalted, just after reassuring with his non sequitur statistics about immigrants.

Brag about that 84% rate to the thousand or so children sexually assaulted by illegals.

Brag about that 84% rate to the millions of young black teens who can’t find work.

Brag about that 84% to the untold misery caused by all that heroin.

Brag about that 84% to the victims of all those illegals sitting in federal prison, not to mention those sitting in local prisons we don’t even have the numbers on.

How many children have to be raped before the media focuses on this failure of our government to keep its citizens safe?

Well, we know it isn’t a thousand.

Throughout the country, primarily in the Southwest, we have illegals committing unspeakable crimes against innocent Americans, legal immigrants, and illegal immigrants…

…and the media covers this failure of government up.

This is why our Founders, in their infinite wisdom, drafted the Second Amendment.

The smallest and most vulnerable minority in our country is not gays or Hispanics or blacks or women or one-eyed lesbian Eskimos.

The smallest and most vulnerable minority in this country is … The Individual.

If the government, for political purposes (future Democrat voters) won’t defend The Individual from the criminal behavior of people who should not even be in this country, and the media covers up, glosses over or excuses that inaction, the problem is never going to be solved and the victims are just going to keep piling up.


The Individual must be able to protect him or herself.

Thank God for the Second Amendment.


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