Top GOP Strategist Runs to Politico, Smears Trump Voters as ‘Clowns’


While Republican frontrunner Donald Trump gleefully attacks members of the GOP Establishment and media, the GOP Establishment seem to believe it’s a good idea to run to the mainstream media and attack Republican voters.

First John McCain ran to the Left-wing New Yorker to attack 15,000 GOP base voters as “crazies.” Wednesday, the GOP Establishment went even further.

Rick Wilson, a top Establishment Republican message and media strategist ran to Politico to attack Trump’s supporters as “clowns.”

According to the most recent national poll, Trump is garnering support from 25% of the GOP base. Which means that a top Establishment strategist believes it is a smart strategy to smear 25% of the GOP’s most loyal voters as “clowns“:

The circus is almost over.

My advice to Trump fans?

Don’t be the last clown out of the tent.


Keep in mind that this is the same GOP Establishment privately and publicly lecturing Trump about “tone.”

Let me run this down for you…

McCain is calling Republican voters “crazies,” a top GOP strategist is trashing 25% of the GOP base as “clowns,” Lindsey Graham is calling Trump a “jackass,” Marco Rubio is saying Trump has “no class,” Rick Perry is declaring Trump a “circus sideshow” … but it is Trump being lectured by The Establishment to watch his tone.

Personally, I’ll vote for Jeb Bush before I vote for Donald Trump. But that doesn’t mean I can’t see that the Republican Party is making a gigantic, hypocritical ass of itself. That, however, I can live with.

What I can’t abide are the attacks on everyday American voters emanating from the same Establishment geniuses who have lost the popular vote in 4 of the last 5 presidential elections.

If The Establishment attacked Democrats and the media with as much venom and belligerence as they do their own base, we might just beat Hillary.

There are all kinds of good arguments to convince a Republican to turn away from Trump. But when the delivery system is a smug, condescending dickishness, we’ve already lost.

Pander to the middle all you want, GOP. In your wildest dreams, that will never make up for losing your base.

Mean, smug, and stupid is no way to win an election.


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