Sam Stein’s Bumbling, Dishonest Defense of HuffPo Covering Trump as Entertainment

AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Darren Calabrese
AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Darren Calabrese

With polls showing Donald Trump comfortably sitting on top of his frontrunner status in the GOP primary and surging to within striking distance in a national match-up with Hillary Clinton., the insufferable smug has finally been wiped from the face of Huffington Post editor Sam Stein.

Nevertheless, as you’ll see in the “Morning Joe” clip below, Stein is still bitterly clinging to his defense of the Huffington Post’s childish, petty, and unprofessional decision to cover Trump only on its entertainment pages.

This is also a decision HuffPo cannot sustain. Like everyone else who has overreached on Trump, it is Arianna Huffington and Sam Stein who currently have pie all over their face.

When Mika Brzezinski is laughing at the Huffington Post, the jig is up. “This reminds me of the Fox debate,” she said. “It’s like a news organization trying to like control something, and move it along in the direction that they believe is righteous.”

After Joe Scarborough outright laughed at Stein, the HuffPo staffer’s only refuge was to ridiculously claim that covering Trump as an entertainer is not meant to be an insult. “This is us acknowledging that we live in political system in which entertainment is very good,” Stein said with a straight face.

Stein is simply lying here.

Just one month ago, Huffington Post made clear that the decision was meant to undermine and ridicule Trump.

Our reason is simple: Trump’s campaign is a sideshow. We won’t take the bait. If you are interested in what The Donald has to say, you’ll find it next to our stories on the Kardashians and ‘The Bachelorette.'”

What everyone has missed, everyone in the mainstream media, everyone on the Left, and a huge hunk of right-leaning media, is the core of Andrew Breitbart’s message: “Politics is downstream from the culture.” He said this again and again and again. This belief is why he launched Breitbart News the day after President Obama was sworn in as president.

Anyone, regardless of politics, who is pointing and laughing at Trump because he’s a “celebrity” have only proved they do not yet grasp Andrew’s primary message. Trump has dominated our culture for thirty years. That is a remarkable accomplishment — one very few accomplish.

Taking Trump seriously was a no-brainer here at Breitbart News.

Those that didn’t and still refuse to might want to drop the snobbery and pick up a clue.


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