Daily Beast’s Idea of Objective Reporting: ‘Hillary Takes On the Iran Deal Clowns’


The left-wing Daily Beast identifies itself as an objective news outlet. This of course is a total charade and every once in a while its false front collapses. That was the case Wednesday when the Daily Beast ran a straight news piece written by Senior Congressional Correspondent Tim Mak titled, “Hillary Takes On the Iran Deal Clowns.”

The “straight news” piece waxes rhapsodic over Hillary’s “thoughtful, measured” speech on President Obama’s Iran deal. Mak then goes on to describe Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, who spoke about the deal at rally Wednesday, as “completely insane,” a “carnival and “marquee of madness,” and something from “a different planet.”

Breitbart News reached out to Mak for comment. He did not return our email.



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