Washington Post Fact Checker Confirms Carly Fiorina’s ‘Secretary to CEO’ Life Story

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Thanks to some superb reporting courtesy of the fact checkers at The Washington Post, the most compelling part of Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s biography — her rise from secretary to CEO — has been fully confirmed.

Frequently, and for obvious reasons, Fiorina talks about her incredible rise from a part-time secretary at a real estate firm to CEO of Hewlett Packard, one of the most powerful corporations in the world.

Before confirming that her life story is 100% accurate, Washington Post  fact-checker Michelle Ye Hee Lee gives us numerous examples of Fiorina relating her life story:

“I started as a secretary, typing and filing for a nine-person real estate firm. It’s only in this country that you can go from being a secretary to chief executive of the largest tech company in the world, and run for president of the United States. It’s only possible here.”

— Business executive Carly Fiorina (R), interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Sept. 21, 2015

“My story, from secretary to CEO, is only possible in this nation, and proves that everyone of us has potential.”

— Fiorina, second GOP debate, Sept. 16, 2015

“A self-made woman, she started her business career as a secretary and went on to become the first, and to date, the only woman to lead a Fortune 20 company.”

— Fiorina’s biography on her 2010 campaign Web site for U.S. Senate seat in California

The Washington Post fact checker not only goes on to confirm that this is the case but that Fiorina held numerous secretarial jobs:

She worked as a receptionist at a hair salon to pay for college room and board. During summers off from Stanford, she says she worked secretarial jobs through the temp agency Kelly Services (then Kelly Girls). One of her temp jobs was typing bills of lading in the shipping department of Hewlett-Packard. …

It is clear that Fiorina’s experience as receptionist and secretary at Marcus & Millichap was a defining moment. Fiorina’s spokeswoman, Sarah Isgur Flores, said that job put Fiorina “on the path to becoming a CEO and, she hopes, made her a better one.” …

She worked briefly as a secretary in between law school and business school, but she always intended to attend graduate school for her career.

This is excellent, in-depth reporting from The Washington Post. Unfortunately, as we saw with the Post’s reporting on Hillary Clinton’s central role in spreading the Birther rumors about President Obama, the Post is more concerned with pushing their oft-documented leftwing agenda than the truth about what they themselves uncovered.

Despite the fact that their own reporting objectively confirmed Fiorina’s secretary-to-CEO claim, the left-wing Ye Hee Lee and her left-wing editor Glenn Kessler still accused Fiorina of lying about the claim by awarding her three Pinocchios.

Over the course of 2015, Breitbart News has time and again exposed the Washington Post fact check column as a fraud. Republicans are targeted almost twice as often as Democrats, while a sitting Democrat president practically gets a free pass, as does his Secretary of State, Nancy Peosi, and Harry Reid.

In the case of Fiorina, the Post’s journalism was solid. In fact, it’s not hard to imagine the disappointment Kessler and Ye Hee Lee must have felt after discovering Fiorina’s story did check out.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the Post from outright lying.

In the end, though, it is the facts that matter, not the left-wing partisan campaigners at the Post who spin them.


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