NYT Taunts GOP Governors: Embrace Refugees, Constrain Gun Rights

AP/Anja Niedringhaus

On November 19 The New York Times taunted Republican governors for opposing Muslim refugees and contended that more gun control would be a worthier pursuit for the same group of governors.

According to the NYT, Republican governors opposed to taking in Muslim refugees after the Paris terror attacks should understand that “If [ISIS] wanted to dispatch a terrorist to America, it wouldn’t ask for a mole to apply for refugee status.” Instead, the NYT says ISIS would “simply send fighters who are French or Belgian citizens” to come under the guise of tourism and attack the U.S. Moreover, the NYT contends that if Republican governors are really worried about safety, they can finally get on board with the push for more gun control in the U.S.

The NYT put it this way, “If Republican governors are concerned about security risks, maybe they should vet who should buy guns.”

They bring the NRA into the fray as well, pressing Republican governors to own the NRA’s opposition to expanded background checks–especially the NRA’s opposition to expanding background checks to include the no-fly watch list, which the NRA opposes not simply because it is part of an incremental expansion of background checks but also because is it not a trustworthy list. After all, the no-fly list once contained the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s name for a time, according to The Washington Post.

In other words, part of the NRA’s opposition to expanding background checks to include the no-fly list is that there could be law-abiding citizens on the list who ought not be there.

But the most important thing to understand about the NYT’s current gun control push is that it is a retread in the truest sense. They pushed the same pro-gun control arguments in February 2015 when they tried to equate opposition to gun control with opposing “a restriction of terror suspects’ right to arm themselves.”

Breitbart News previously reported that Democrats and their surrogates would use a Paris-style terror attack in the U.S. to push more gun control on law-abiding Americans, but the NYT is clearly not even waiting for that attack. Instead, they are pushing Republican governors to accept Muslim refugees and new gun controls for law-abiding citizens at one and the same time.

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