WaPo Attacks Republicans For Politico Offering Chelsea Clinton a Puff Interview


As we reported yesterday, emails obtained by Gawker reveal that Politico big shot Mike Allen offered Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea a “no risk” interview where he would provide her the questions in advance. Twenty-four hours later, the leftwing Washington Post finally got around to reporting on what would be a massive media scandal if our DC Media inhabited anything resembling a moral world. To no one’s surprise, the Post not only defends Allen, they attack Republicans.

From the Department of You Can’t Make This Up comes this Post headline: “Politico just handed Republicans a ‘liberal media’ conspiracy theory“.

First off, the headline is a lie. If it really happened, there is no conspiracy, and this really did happen.

And as you would expect, even though the Washington Post and Politico pose as competitors, the Post covers for Politico when it should be putting a boot to its competitor’s neck:

One interpretation of Allen’s e-mail to Philippe Reines, the Clinton aide, goes something like this: Hey, I’m looking for just a few minutes with Chelsea during an important time for her mom. This isn’t a probing, “60 Minutes”-style sit-down, so don’t worry about fielding anything out of left field.

Not so bad, right?

Uhm, the emails in question  show Mike Allen outright, declaratively promising Chelsea Clinton a “no risk … no surprises … something she would like” interview where all the questions would be agreed upon in advance. He also offers to let her choose the topic of the interview.

Naturally, Breitbart News is singled out as a conspiracy theorist by the same Post that swallows this:

In an e-mail to The [Post], Allen said this: “We didn’t do this interview and never provide questions in advance. Never have; never would. I don’t remember this e-mail. But all our events are spontaneous and news-driven, as you can tell by watching the videos of them, all of which are posted on our site.”

So why did the Post take this approach?

Three reasons…

1. The Post hates Republicans and is looking any excuse to blame them for everything.

2. Like the rest of the DC Media, the Post cannot attack Politico for fear of being exposed for the exact same journalistic sin. Other than the fact that they are all on the same side, another reason the DC Media does not blow up scandals like this is because no one in this incestuous little cabal has clean hands. The fog of mutual assured destruction hangs over the entire rancid institution.

If you’re wondering what proof I have that the Washington Post coordinates with Democrats to advance their agenda, all I can say is that I am a Washington Post subscriber.

3. Democrats sure got it good.


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