Ben Shapiro Destroys Comedian Patton Oswalt: ‘Let Me Explain, You Uber-Rich Pseudo-Socialist Buffoon’

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images
Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Following the Republican debate on Wednesday, Breitbart News senior editor-at-large and editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro got into a Twitter battle with comedian and Ratatouille star Patton Oswalt.

The exchange began when Oswalt tweeted:

Shapiro responded:

Oswalt took exception, and dropped this hot take:

Now, Shapiro is not a “neoconservative” in any real sense of the word. He is not a former liberal, and he does not agree with the nation-building platform of so-called “neoconservatives.” In fact, the only reason to label him a “neoconservative” would be his Jewishness; both the far right and far left routinely use “neoconservative” as an anti-Semitic slur. This has been true since the days of Paul Wolfowitz, as commentators from Charles Krauthammer to prominent leftists like Jeffrey Goldberg have noted.

Shapiro responded:

Oswalt objected, and the following exchange ensued:

The debate raged on when Shapiro asked Oswalt how much wealth he had, as a supporter of Bernie Sanders and ardent opponent of “income inequality”:

Finally, after refusing repeatedly to speak about his net worth, Oswalt got obscene:

Which, of course, played precisely into Shapiro’s hands:

Ouch. Shapiro concluded:


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