Red Alert: Fox Debate’s Gotcha-Video Is Sign of Media Sucker Punches to Come

Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz

During Thursday night’s Republican primary debate, in order to attack and bloody both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Fox News used selectively-edited video montages of both senators saying stuff. Video is the most powerful propaganda weapon ever conceived, and not only is the use of gotcha-video in a presidential debate highly prejudicial and subjective, a debate setting is not the proper venue for any sort of gotcha question.

Save the cheap gotchas for interviews. Debates are about issues, the differences between the candidates, and the differences with one another that they wish to highlight.

Fox’s destructive precedent of using gotcha-video needs to be strangled in the crib. The candidates, both Republicans and Democrats, should come together and put an immediate stop to the use of this misleading nonsense.

Note how Fox News used its powerful gotcha-video against only two candidates, and not all seven.  These were devastating moments served out in unequal portions, another example of how an unelected media attempts to choose our candidates.

Now just try to imagine the video the anti-Trump Fox News had in store for The Donald. On top of everything else the embattled cable giant had planned to sandbag Trump with last night (illegal alien and Muslim activist questioners), it is safe to assume the “fair and balanced” network had a brutal gotcha-video all cued up.

Anyone else want to question Trump’s decision to walk away from “a bad deal?”

Gotcha debate questions are bad enough. Interview questions at a debate are bad enough. The use of selective video could further poison a process already poisoned by biased, show-boating moderators.

Last year, two die-hard Leftists moderated the general election debates. Imagine what a Gwen Ifill or Candy Crowley would do with selectively-edited hit-clips during the 2016 general election debates.

Every election season, the elite media, and that includes Fox News, uses every insidious trick at its disposal to hijack the electoral process; to bend it to its will in order to affect the outcome. It is corrupt, unethical, and un-American.

In their endless bag of tricks, the Establishment Throne-Sniffers have come up with their latest — attack ads in the midst of a presidential debate.

This is an unconscionable media tactic and needs to immediately stop.


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